Apple's Pandora-Killing iRadio Service Is Coming Next Week

tim cook smilingApple CEO Tim Cook

After what has felt like an eternity, Apple is set to unveil a streaming radio service next week at WWDC, its big developer conference.

People have been talking about the service since last fall and saying that it’s “coming soon” since December.

We’ve dubbed it iRadio and from what we’ve heard so far, it’s sounds like it will be very similar to Pandora. For instance, Apple plans to offer it as a free service, supported by ads, and it will let users create their own radio stations based on a favourite song or artist, reports Bloomberg’s¬†Adam Satariano.

Obviously, it will be tightly woven with iTunes so you can easily buy songs you like.

So far, Apple has agreements to stream songs from Universal Music Group’s record labels and Warner Music Group,¬†Satariano reports.

Pandora’s stock is down almost 11% today.

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