Apple Updates Its MacBook Pro Lineup, Delivers Faster Laptops

macbook pro

Apple has refreshed its Macbook Pro lineup today.

The 15″ Macbook Pro has an Intel Core i5 processor, and starts at $1,799. The 17″ model has an Intel Core i7 processor, and starts at $2,199.

The 13″ laptop still has Core 2 Duo chips.

The laptops also got new, more powerful, graphics chips. Both models now have Intel HD Graphics chips as well as NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M.

Apple says the battery life on the 15″ and 17″ laptops will last 8-9 hours. The 13″ laptop does 10 hours.

The new processor and new graphics chips should mean these Macbook Pros are quite zippy. According to Apple, they are 50% faster than the older model of the same type of laptop.

Click here to see a gallery of the MacBook Pros >

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