Apple's Next iPhone Is Getting A 'Significant' Internal Upgrade, According To New Leaked Parts

iphone 5s part

The next iPhone will probably look exactly the same on the outside as the current iPhone.

That doesn’t mean it’s going to be lacking in radical changes.

Zach Epstein at BGR has high-resolution photos of what he claims are new parts that will be used in the next iPhone. He says, “the phone will feature a significant internal redesign when it launches this fall,” based on these parts.

To our eyes, they look like a bunch of tiny parts, so it’s hard for us to figure out how significant the changes are really going to be. (9 to 5 Mac, which is usually pretty good about this stuff, seemed slightly cold on these images.)

Epstein says these new parts are going to give Apple room to rejigger the inside of the phone. These new parts will be smaller and slimmer allowing to do other stuff inside the phone.

We suppose this is good, but we think a lot of people will feel let down by the same design.

Yes, Apple will still sell millions of phones, but Samsung and HTC have proven that people like big-screen smartphones. Apple’s inability to deliver a bigger iPhone is going to be a bummer.

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