The newest Apple Store has motion-sensitive power outlets that open when you wave your hand

Apple opened a brand new store in Brussels over the weekend. That normally wouldn’t make news, but this store is different, as it was designed by Apple’s design boss Jony Ive.

As we pointed out in this visual tour of the new Apple store, it’s “simple, elegant, and friendly.” And to keep it that way, Ive has hidden anything that doesn’t take after Apple’s high design standards, like power outlets.

Ive could have simply hidden the power outlets under a secret sliding door you open physically, but that’s not elegant enough.

To reveal the hidden outlets, you just swipe your hand under the outlet compartment, like you would “slide to unlock” your iPhone and iPad. The table registers your swipe with motion sensors, and the compartment rotates, showing you the power outlets.


Jony Ive is known for designing some of Apple’s most iconic hardware like the iPhone and iPad, and he began overseeing the look and feel of Apple’s software in 2013.

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