Apple's New Mac Ad Makes Fun Of PC Ads


Apple’s (AAPL) popular ‘Mac’ and ‘PC’ ads have long made fun of Microsoft (MSFT) Windows-powered PCs for their susceptibility to viruses, crappy operating systems, etc. But it’s rare that Apple actually uses its commercials to make fun of PC commercials.

In “Legal Copy,” Apple floats more (and more, and more) fine-print legal copy over actors John Hodgman (“PC”) and Justin Long (“Mac”) as Hodgman makes claims like “I’m an incredibly easy-to-use PC.” Mac users will love it, PC users will shrug, life goes on.

So what’s all that legal copy say? MacJournals have transcribed it. Here’s a taste:

To avoid sluggish operating systems, crashing and freezing, it is recommended that you clean up your system registry, defragment your hard drive, free up your disk space, and perform other routine maintenance tasks. To clean out your system registry, first backup your data, back up your registry, purchase, download, and install Registry Repair program, then quit all programs, scan registry, determine safe registry items to repair/delete/remove, select ok, and repeat if necessary. To defragment your hard drive, click start, and go to all programs > accessories > system tools > and open disk defragmenter, then select C: drive, select defragment and wait. To free up disk space on your PC, click start, go to all programs > accessories > system tools > and open disk cleanup. Scan will automatically start. From scan results, select files to be removed, select ok. Restarting your PC may then be necessary upon completion of system registry clean up, hard drive defragmentation, and disk space clean out.

As MacJournals points out, many of the procedures in the commercial’s fine print — see it all here — pretty much refer to all computers, Mac or PC. But still, an entertaining commercial.

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