Apple's new iPhone stickers ad is filled with pop culture references

IPhone iMessage Stickers adYouTubeApple’s new ad touts its stickers feature in iMessage.

Apple’s new ad is all about iMessage stickers, one of the new features introduced with iOS 10. The video, “Sticker Fight,” (watch it in full below) shows people running around and slapping the animated stickers on anything imaginable: other people, objects, and food.

Throughout the fast-paced ad, Apple has hidden a number of pop culture references in the ad: modern ones like “South Park,” “Family Guy,” and Xbox game “Halo,” all the way to older references such as the 1969 book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” the 1973 “Westworld” movie, and cartoon character Popeye the sailor.

The video ends on the tagline “say it with stickers” followed by the “Practically magic” slogan the Cupertino brand has been using to promote the iPhone 7 in other ads.

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