Apple's Mac App Store Has Launched, 1,000 Apps At The Start

steve jobs mac app store

Apple has launched its App Store, the company just announced.

In a canned release statement, CEO Steve Jobs says, “With more than 1,000 apps, the Mac App Store is off to a great start,” adding, “We think users are going to love this innovative new way to discover and buy their favourite apps.”

To get the App Store on your computer you must have Snow Leopard, and you must update your software. Alternatively, you can visit Apple’s site.

Here are a few apps Apple is highlighting in its release:

Entirely new apps, as well as current Mac favourites, are available from developers such as Autodesk, and Boinx. iPhoto®, iMovie® and GarageBand® apps from Apple’s popular iLife® ’11 suite are available individually in the Mac App Store for $14.99 each, and Pages®, Keynote® and Numbers® apps from iWork® are available for $19.99 each. Aperture® 3, Apple’s powerful photo editing and management software, is available for $79.99.

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