Apple's Living Room Archrival: Netflix, Or Comcast And Microsoft?

Steve Jobs’ first major Apple TV challenger arrived last week when Netflix (NFLX) announced its first (of a handful) digital movie-streaming set-top box, a $99 gadget by Roku.

Will Netflix make Apple TV toast and win the battle for the digital living room? Maybe not. On Yahoo TechTicker, I argue that the real winners could be the companies who are already there: Cable giants like Comcast (CMCSA) and video game console-makers like Microsoft (MSFT), who already have their boxes in millions of living rooms.

What’s your take? Who will win the war to connect your TV to the Internet? Apple (AAPL)? Netflix? Comcast (CMCSA)? Microsoft (MSFT)? None of the above? Remember that TV companies, too, have promised us Internet-savvy TVs for years, and are just now beginning to deliver on those.

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