Here's rare video of Apple designer Jony Ive talking about a gorgeous Ferrari

It’s nice to see Jony Ive, Apple’s chief design officer, escape from the white interior from which it seems like most of his videos are filmed. 

In this short clip filmed in 2013, Ive talks about cars, one of his main passions along with design. It was filmed at Goodwood Festival of Speed, a car festival held in England annually. Ive goes every year, along with his close friend designer Marc Newsom, according to Vanity Fair:

Thanks to a shared love of cars, the two men and their families always spend the middle of July together at Britain’s Goodwood Festival of Speed — a huge annual showcase for antique and collectible cars held at an estate in West Sussex, 60 miles south of London — looking at vintage Porsches, new Formula One racecars, and everything in between.

This video was filmed before it was revealed that Apple is designing an electric car, or something automotive. Although Apple hasn’t confirmed that it’s working on a car, it’s reportedly hired nearly 1000 automotive professionals, and earlier this week it was rumoured to be looking at buying the F1 car racing series

So Ive’s comments are fairly interesting — especially when he’s talking about a Ferrari 250, one of the most collectible vintage Ferraris. One recently sold for $38 million

“Some of the older cars are so fantastically romantic,” Ive said. “There’s a gorgeous Ferrari 250, I thought the proportions were extraordinary, the detailing was really gorgeous.”

“I think as a designer, you look at everything, it’s about the way you see at the world. They’re physical objects, they’re manufactured, they’re made. Obviously trying to solve different problems, but great design is great design,” Ive said. 

It’s difficult to track down the specific Ferrari Ive was talking about, but it probably looked something like this: 

Know anything about Apple’s car project or Jony Ive’s love of cars? Email the author at [email protected]

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