Apple's IWatch Will Come In Multiple Sizes, And It Will Have 10 Sensors, Says The WSJ

Iwatch conceptSourcebitsAn iWatch concept

Last night Reuters had a report on Apple’s forthcoming wearable device, which everyone is calling, the “iWatch”.

This morning the Wall Street Journal has its own report on the iWatch, and it’s got some new, different details.

The WSJ says the iWatch “will likely come in multiple screen sizes” according to a source. This makes sense. A watch is a personal style choice. Some people have big wrists, some have small wrists.

A supply chain source said Apple is putting in component orders that suggest it will ship 10-15 million units this year.

Further, the iWatch “will include more than 10 sensors including ones to track health and fitness,” the WSJ says.

So far, all the smartwatches on the market have been relative flops. For a company like Apple that does big sales, the smartwatch/fitness tracking market is pretty tiny. It’s Apple’s job to prove that it knows something the rest of the industry doesn’t.

The pressure is on for Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. He’s proven himself adept at reorganising and refocusing Apple. However, the real test is whether or not he can successfully introduce a brand new product category that gets people excited.

The WSJ, and Reuters, and Re/code, all say the iWatch is coming in October.

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