Apple's 'iPod Touch HD' Will Have 10-Inch Screen: Report

More details about Apple’s (AAPL) reportedly forthcoming Internet tablet, which we’ve been calling the “iPod touch HD” for a few months: Dow Jones sources say Apple plans to sell “a netbook computer with a touch screen monitor” with a screen between 9.7 inches and 10 inches. Dow Jones also reports that the device will launch “as early as the second half of this year.”

That’s consistent with what we’ve read so far, and roughly consistent with what we think Apple should try to sell.

As we noted yesterday, the netbook market — small, cheap laptops — is exploding. And Apple’s multi-touch platform — iPhone, iPod touch — has been a big hit. So a marriage of the two makes sense.

But now we’re wondering about software and pricing. 10 inches is a pretty big jump from the iPod touch, which has a 3.5-inch screen. This suggests that Apple’s tablet might be a low-end extension of the Mac line, rather than a high-end extension of the iPod line. Potential differences: Which software Apple uses — the iPhone flavour of OS X or the Mac flavour — and how much Apple charges. Any ideas?

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