Apple’s IPhone Payment System May Be Coming To Disney Stores

Walt Disney statue, Walt Disney World
Your iPhone may replace your credit card at Disney World one day. Associated Press

Disney and Apple may be upgrading their retail stores to support Apple’s upcoming payment platform, according to a report by 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman.

Apple has reportedly been testing out its iBeacon technology in stores. iBeacons are chips that transmit location-based information between Apple devices.

Additionally, Gurman says Apple stores already support Near Field Communication (NFC) chips which are expected to be an important part of Apple’s payment platform.

Disney stores are also getting NFC chips, though this partnership is not especially surprising because Disney CEO Bob Iger is an Apple board member.

Apple has been working hard on the so-called “iWallet”. They have waited on the technology to develop, established a number of partnerships, and created an easy to use security mechanism in Touch ID.

Now all the pieces are in place for Apple to change the way we shop.