There's Almost No Way You Can Look At This Chart And Think Apple Is Losing To Android In The U.S.


Photo: Benedict Evans/Enders

For a while now, Apple has been losing the smartphone market share battle in the United States according to all the professional analytic firms like comScore, NPD, and Nielsen. For instance, Nielsen recently reported Android had 51% of U.S. market share compared to Apple which only had 34%.

However, if you look at the actual reported numbers from U.S. carriers that sell the iPhone it’s impossible to believe Apple is losing the market share war to Android.

Above is a chart from Benedict Evans (via Daring Fireball) showing the iPhone’s share of sales at carriers that sell the iPhone compared to the rest of the carrier’s smartphone sales. Unless Verizon sold only Androids and iPhones, there’s no way Android is clobbering Apple.

As the results roll in from AT&T and Sprint, we expect to see Apple continuing its dominance over the rest of the smartphone field.

There are other carriers out there, like T-Mobile, and a variety of other smaller carriers. They aren’t big enough to lead to the disparity Nielsen and others report.

Here’s another chart from Evans showing how little impact those other carriers had last quarter. Even if you factor them in, Apple still has 50% share of the market.


Photo: Benedict Evans/Enders

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