Everything You Need To Know About The IPhone 5S

Jony Ive Craig FederighiREUTERS/Stephen LamApple’s iPhone leaders, Jony Ive and Craig Federighi.

We’re just about a week away from Apple revealing its next iPhone.

It’s been almost a year since Apple released a new hardware product, so this event will be an even bigger deal than usual.

If you like surprises, stop reading! If you don’t care, then read on.

We’ve rounded up all the major rumours about Apple’s next big product release.

Apple will announce the next iPhones on September 10

As of this writing, it's not officially official, but it's pretty darn close to official. We expect Apple will send out official invitations to an event in the next day or two.

The new iPhone is expected to be called the iPhone 5S, and it probably look just like the iPhone 5 on the outside.

The only cosmetic change to the outside? We'll get a light-gold version of the phone.

However! It will be very different on the inside.

Someone tried to fit the iPhone 5 components into an iPhone 5S shell. It didn't work because Apple has altered the innards of the iPhone 5S to fit a faster processor and a bigger battery.

So, yes, we should get a faster processor.

Apple is reportedly testing a 64-bit 'A7' processor, which should make the phone 31% faster.

A7 is just the name Apple gives its custom-built mobile chips. Mark Gurman, who reported the new chip, says the 64-bit should make animations and graphics smoother on the new phone. This is important since iOS7, the next version of the software uses animations.

A 31% speed bump sounds good, but last year Apple doubled the speed of the phone, so this would not be all that impressive.

There is gossip the iPhone 5S gets a 12 megapixel camera that performs better in low-light situations.

It's also supposedly going to get a better flash. (Hopefully this kills red-eye in photos.)

The phone is also reportedly getting a fingerprint scanner.

This is the biggest question mark floating around about the iPhone 5S. There are a lot of reports that it gets some sort of fingerprint scanning technology which will be used to unlock the phone. However, there haven't been any leaked fingerprint scanners. Since Apple is currently making millions of iPhone 5Ss, you'd think a scanner would leak.

In addition to the iPhone 5S, look for the iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5C is Apple's 'low-cost' iPhone. After years of people begging for a lower-priced version of the iPhone, it seems Apple is ready to cave.

The 5C will come in various colours. It will have a plastic shell.

There is one report that Apple will stop making the iPhone 5. It will sell the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 4S.

How much will the iPhone 5C cost?

This is the big, unanswered question right now. It's not going to be cheap. People seem to think it will cost $US400-$500. This is expensive for a cheap phone, but Apple probably thinks people will be willing to pay for it. Right now, an iPhone can cost $US650-$1,000 off contract around the world.

When will you be able to buy one of these phones?

History suggests that if Apple announces the phones on September 10, then they will be available for purchase on September 20th.

Also of note! Apple is changing the iPhone's software.

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