Apple's In Talks With Hollywood To Let It Stream Movies On Its Forthcoming TV

apple tv set side

Photo: Federico Ciccarese, Ciccarese Design

Apple is in talks with Hollywood studios to licence content to stream to its forthcoming TV set and current Apple TV unit, Richard Grover and Lisa Richwine of Reuters report.The company has been in talks with EPIX, which is owned by Lion’s Gate, MGM, and Paramount. EPIX currently has a $200 million-a-year exclusive streaming deal with Netflix, which runs out in September.  According to Reuters, the companies are not close to a deal.

Earlier this year, Apple’s plans for its TV became clearer: Embarrass other hardware providers, stiff content providers, and destroy the cable companies.

While this plan will likely be greeted with jubilation by much of the viewing public, it is understandably meeting with resistance among the TV powers that be.

(And some potential Apple TV buyers are already wondering how Apple will command a $1,000 premium for each TV set if it’s little more than a standard flat screen with an embedded Apple TV.)

But at least Apple’s TV sounds like it will look really cool.

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