Apple released its first-ever Android app, but it's not what Android users were expecting

Along with the release of Apple’s latest iOS 9 mobile operating system update on Wednesday, Apple released its first ever Android app.

Could Android users who appreciate some of Apple’s apps finally be getting iMessage to communicate with iPhone-toting friends? FaceTime? Or the Apple Music app?

Nope. It’s a brand new app and it’s called “Move to iOS.”

That’s right. It’s an app that’s purely designed to help Android users migrate their data over to a new iPhone.

With the app, you can link your old Android phone over Wi-Fi with a brand new iPhone running iOS 9. Data like contacts, message history, photos and videos, bookmarks from your web browser, mail accounts, and calendars will be transferred over to your new iPhone.

It’s arguably the most Apple thing Apple has ever done.

There’s another Apple app coming to Android soon too. Apple announced in June that its Apple Music app will be available on Android sometime this Fall.

Meanwhile, there are multiple Google apps available for iOS devices, including Google Maps, Gmail, Drive, Docs, and Photos.

If you’re an Android user making the switch to iPhone, you can download Move to iOS here.

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