Apple’s favourite iPhone Apps (AAPL)


Apple is notoriously obsessed with details. Apple iPhone software exec Scott Forstall is no exception. “I actually have a photographer’s loupe that I use to make sure every pixel is right,” he once told Time magazine. “We will argue over literally a single pixel.”

So there’s no way the 35 apps pictured in four of Apple’s (AAPL) recent iPhone TV commercials are there by accident — even the ones that aren’t in focus. Whether Apple and its ad agency are fond of the apps’ icons, design, names, features, or developers, we’re confident the apps are there on purpose.

The big winners: The four companies whose apps are demoed — embedded below:

  • Loopt, a mobile social network that lets you track your friends on a map and see who else is nearby.
  • Shazam, an app that figures out what song you’re listening to on the radio, in the car, etc.
  • Urbanspoon, which helps you find nearby restaurants, read reviews, etc.
  • At Bat, Major League Baseball’s excellent score tracking/video highlights app.

The runners up: The other 31 companies whose apps are pictured — but not featured — in the TV spots, some more visible than others. In the apps’ alphabetical order:

  • 2 Across: Crossword puzzles from the New York Times, The Onion, and others.
  • AIM: AOL’s (TWX) instant messenger app.
  • BigTipper: Tip calculator.
  • Bloom: Music app: Part instrument, part composer, part artwork.
  • Chanel: The latest fashion pictures and videos from Chanel.
  • Comic Touch: Ad comic book-like captions, effects to your photos.
  • Crazy Disco: Disco ball. “An instant party in your pocket.”
  • DiggTest: We assume this is a test for a future Digg app.
  • Drum Kit: Virtual drums.
  • eBay: Follow, bid on eBay (EBAY) auctions.
  • Facebook: Keep track of your friends, look at photos, etc.
  • FingerSound: Create “interesting” and “wild” sounds.
  • Flights: Called “Flight Tracker” in iTunes. Airline schedules, flight tracking.
  • French: French-English dictionary.
  • German: German-English dictionary.
  • iGolf: Motion sensor-powered golf game.
  • KICKMap: NYC subway map.
  • Koi Pond: Watch fish swim in a pond setting, poke them to make them swim away.
  • Mobile News: News from the Associated Press.
  • Monkey Ball: Sega’s Super Monkey Ball game.
  • Otis: Puzzle game similar to “Same Game.”
  • Pianist: Pocket piano.
  • Pitch2Note: Turns audio into musical notes.
  • Places: Location based restaurant finder with a nice, SimCity-like icon.
  • Recorder: Voice recorder app.
  • SpeakEasy: Voice recorder app.
  • Tap Guitar: Virtual guitar.
  • Taxi: Call a taxi in major cities.
  • Tuner: Internet radio app.
  • WineSnob: Wine info, food pairings, price tracking, etc.
  • Yelp: User-submitted restaurant, bar, shopping reviews, etc.

Why so many food and music apps? The apps in a few of the commercials keep a loose theme — music apps in the Shazam spot, food apps in the Urbanspoon spot, etc. Likewise, what’s missing? More games! But Apple has promoted many of those in a separate commercial for the iPod touch, including “Tap Tap Revenge” and “Labyrinth.”

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