Apple Takes Over Cupertino

Apple campus

Last week, Apple cleared regulation hoops to begin planning for the demolishing and rebuilding of a new consolidated 50 acres campus.

Cupertino city council approved, after eight months, rezoning 7.78 acres for commercial purposes.

The company scouted for office space three years ago and bought some from Hewlett-Packard, another Cupertino corporate citizen with sprawls of office space.

Apple grabbed office buildings in the peripherals of HP and Agilent’s campus as HP was downsizing. Apple now owns or leases 35 buildings, representing more than 40%, or 8.8 million square feet, of available office space in the tiny city of Cupertino.

The new headache for Apple employees is that Cupertino is slow to approve construction of new residential units. The city has 20,000 homes but 30,000 local jobs.

This means many of Apple’s employees have to drive in or bussed in, exasperating the whole community’s morning and evening commutes.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has said he’s frustrated by the inconvenience with the spread of his employees and even showed up for a city council meeting in 2006 to persuade council members to approve the company’s construction plans.

Here’s what Apple’s situation in Cupertino looks like:

Apple campus map

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