The Most Important Apple Watcher In The World Just Called Jeff Bezos The New Steve Jobs

jeff bezos

Photo: AP

The Daring Fireball blog is considered a must-read among Apple fanatics that eat up every shred of information about new products like the iPhone and iPad.It’s so massively popular that its author John Gruber is considered one of the most influential people in the world when it comes to Apple.

His audience is so large and loyal that he reportedly makes around $500,000 a year.

So when Gruber makes a pronouncement, it’s worth paying attention to.

And he just made a very big one.

He just called Jeff Bezos the next Steve Jobs.

Gruber made the point in a highly positive post about Amazon’s Kindle Fire launch earlier this month.

Here’s the money quote:

Om Malik argues that Bezos is the inheritor to Steve Jobs’s crown. I agree. Not because Bezos has copied anything Jobs did, but because he has not. What he’s done that is Jobs-like is doggedly pursue, year after year, iteration after iteration, a vision unlike that of any other company — all in the name of making customers happy.

Now go read Gruber’s exceptionally effusive breakdown of Amazon’s launch event >>

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