Apple's Beats 1 radio station keeps playing the same genres and artists over and over

Mgid uma image mtvGettyThe Weeknd singing ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ at Apple’s last media event in June.

It’s been over a month since Apple Music was unleashed on the world, and so far the service has managed to attract 11 million listeners during its free trial period.

One of the main features Apple is pushing for its new music service is Beats 1, the always-on, global radio station helmed by DJs in Los Angeles, New York City, and London.

While Apple Music lets you search for and play any songs you want like Spotify, Beats 1 is relentlessly old-school in its approach. That means DJs mainly determine what gets played, not listeners.

A study by Quartz analysed over 12,000 songs played on Beats 1 since its launch. Among other findings, the examination highlights the station’s overwhelming preference for playing hip-hop and rap songs.

The decision to bump fat beats more than other, less bass-heavy genres is an obvious one. An analysis of 20 billion tracks by Spotify in July revealed that hip-hop is the most popular genre of music around the world right now.

What about Beats 1’s preferred artists? Quartz discovered that Apple’s station played R&B and pop signer The Weeknd more than anyone else. Next to The Weeknd in number of plays was Drake, who is the first artist to sell one million albums in 2015.

The Weeknd also has a few singles doing very well on the charts, with his song “Can’t Feel My Face” recently topping Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Apple also had The Weeknd perform “Can’t Feel My Face” for the first time at its last media event after the unveiling of Apple Music.

For more on the kinds of music Beats 1 plays, head on over to Quartz.

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