Here's What Two Famous Movie Critics Had To Say About Apple's Commercials In The '80s

Apple is famous for its commercials, which usually feature their flawless products against a white background.

In fact Apple made waves with its latest commercial for showing used MacBooks with stickers on them.

But we rarely see Apple ads held up to a critical lens.

Luckily, SFist recently unearthed a video of film critics Gene Siskel and Robert Ebert reviewing Apple commercials in 1986.

The critics were invited to an Apple event, where they ranked commercials from 1 to 4 stars, as they did for movies.

A 3-star rating, they explained, was the “critical turning point,” signaling their approval of a particular ad.

“A 4-star commercial would be: if you don’t own a TV set, buy it, leave it on at all times and watch it with your eyes open at all times,” said Siskel.

The first spot — which markets the Mac as an education tool — got 2.5 stars from Ebert but garnered a 4-star rating from Siskel, who called it his favourite.

See what else Siskel and Ebert had to say about Apple’s ads:

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