Apple will reportedly release a better, thinner Apple Watch next year

The second generation of Apple Watch will be thinner with better performance, according to a research memo from Cowen and Company that was spotted by AppleInsider.

In terms of performance, it could mean that the second-generation Apple Watch will load apps faster, as well as having potentially smoother animations and transitions between menus and screens.

The report also suggests that a new Apple Watch may come out in May, June, or later.

Otherwise, very few rumours or information exist about a second Apple Watch.

It was rumoured earlier this year in July that it might have a similar design as the current model, but it will have a larger battery.

Short battery life is a common complaint about the current Apple Watch, so it’s possible that Apple may be working to improve battery life.

However, Apple’s also known to prefer slim design over battery life. And if Apple is going to add any sort of bulk to a device, it will be for key features before battery life. For example, Apple added 3D Touch displays to the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and they’re both a hair thicker and heavier than their predecessors because of it despite having smaller batteries.

Either way, nothing about the second-generation Apple Watch is certain, and any rumours or analysis should be taken lightly for now.

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