Applebee's Is Selling Its Own Brand Of 'Industrial Strength' Blow Up Dolls

lunch decoy applebee's blow up doll

Strange as it may sound, family-friendly restaurant chain Applebee’s has a new business venture: selling “Industrial Strength” blow up dolls. (Technically they’re called “Lunch Decoys,” but if it walks like a duck…)

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Yes, you can actually buy a diverse array of Applebee’s branded blow up dolls for $6.99 (plus shipping and handling) on Amazon right now. Their purported function is to serve as stand-ins while office workers bail out of the cubicle to try one of Applebee’s lunch menu combinations — which also cost $6.99.

The restaurant and ad agency CP+B launched this strange marketing initiative last year, although now the dolls are “20% thicker” and come with customisation accessories kits with mustaches and tattoos for an extra dollar.

Applebee’s will be rolling out banners, email blasts, and customisable content on BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post to drive more blow up doll sales.

The Go-Getter

The Overachiever

The Cubicle Queen

The Self Starter

The Multi-Tasker

The Executive

The jury's still out on how this marketing tactic will do...

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