Steve Jobs' Rare Apple1 Computer Sells For A Whopping $374,500

apple i

Photo: Wikimedia

A rare Apple computer, built by founders Steve Jobs and Steve Woznaik, went up on auction recently. Known as Apple1, it was the very first personal computer made by the company. It sold for $374,500 Approx Rs 2.09 crore), 500 times more than its original price.

The computer included the original cassette interface, operating instructions and BASIC computer language user’s manual. However it did not come with a monitor or power supply. When Apple 1s were originally sold, the monitor, keyboard and cassette interface were sold separately. Less than 50 Apple 1 machines exist and only six of them are in working condition. 

Woznaik and Jobs started selling them as kits when Paul Terrell, owner of a retail chain called Byte Shop, placed an order for 50 of the machines. Other items sold in the sale were a self-published story by F Scott Fitzgerald called ‘The IOU’, an autographed letter by Oscar Wilde, another unpublished work by Fitzgerald and artist Andy Warhol’s illustrated book from 1954.

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