PHOTOS: Apple Wraps A theatre For The Next iPhone

Yerba Buena centre iPhone 5 preparations

Photo: Owen Thomas, Business Insider

Apple is five days away from launching its next version of the iPhone.The site: The Yerba Buena centre for the Arts, a theatre space in downtown San Francisco that’s part of the Moscone centre convention complex.

When Business Insider visited the site today, workers were already putting the Apple logo on the theatre’s Howard Street entrance.

The full Apple logo is now up. The first iPhone was announced a block away at the then brand-new Moscone West convention centre.

People wandering near the site were all talking on iPhones, of course.

We arrived just as workers were putting the top on the Apple logo. It looked like they were peeling sections off of sheets to apply to the window.

Before the sheets went up, workers prepped the glass.

Typical Apple attention to detail: After the workers tossed the sheets to the ground, this guy, who seemed to be supervising operations, picked them up and carefully folded them.

Things had to be perfect, down to every corner.

Not everything was perfect, though. See the third panel up from the bottom left? Looks like they'll need to reinstall that. There's plenty of time, though.

This guy seemed to be managing the whole operation. We didn't spot any giant iPhone 5 mockups inside, alas.

He got up on a ladder at one point to check on things. Hey, that doesn't look safe!

Remember Apple's last big event?

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