A cryptic poem on Apple’s website reveals the company’s favourite apps

Apple’s annual summit for app creators is hitting San Francisco this June, and Apple posted a page on its website for developers to enter a lottery for the chance to buy a pass.

On the conference’s landing page, Apple has included a cute poem that plays on the classic “Hello World” macro that programmers often write as their first program in a new language.

Here’s the full text of the poem:

Hello WWDC

Eagle-eyed Redditors have spotted meaning in the poem, though. The first line, “hello love at first swipe,” clearly refers to Tinder, for example. In fact, every single line can be traced to a big-name iPhone app — and most of these apps also have an Apple Watch version, and a few support Apple TV as well.

Hello love at first swipe. (Tinder)

Hello other side of the road. (Crossy Road)

Hello yogi on my wrist. (Pocket Yoga)

Hello driver, fast as you can. (Uber)

Hello workout in my living room. (Unclear, but possibly 7 Minute Workout)

Hello every pitch, every highlight. (MLB At Bat)

Hello self-combusting selfies. (Snapchat)

Hello double tap heart. (Instagram)

Hello rain in five minutes. (Dark Sky)

Hello 6 seconds of fame. (Vine)

The fact that Apple would highlight these specific apps is not surprising. Many of them have been featured by Apple on the front page of the App Store, and some of them have even made appearances during Apple keynotes in the past.

For example, MLB At Bat’s Apple Watch app was announced on stage at the same time as the smartwatch in 2014. Instagram was been named Apple’s app of the year in 2011. Dark Sky, an indie app, was recently featured in an Apple Watch advertisement. These are major apps from large developers.

The most interesting app on the list is Snapchat, which has never been featured as part of an Apple keynote in the past. Apple has added it to its “essential” app collection, but the inclusion in the poem indicates the potential for a closer relationship.

When Apple features an app, it can be a gold mine for the developer, and many have told me that they’re aware that currying Apple’s favour for prime App Store placement can significantly increase downloads. The one requirement is that Apple usually wants its featured apps to support its latest platforms and features, for example, Apple Watch or Apple TV.

“We’ve been lucky because Apple has featured us specifically for the Watch version of our app,” Dark Sky founder Adam Grossman said last month, mentioning that Dark Sky has seen increased sales due “in large part to Apple giving us their PR love.”

One rumour in the app developer world is that Apple might be adding a paid search option to its App Store — because being featured on the first page of a search or on Apple’s front page is so valuable that software makers would pay for it.

Getting named to Apple’s “Editor’s Choice” can be worth between $100,000 and $300,000, according to The Information. According to this poem, it sounds like these apps have an inside track — and they may already know what Apple’s “big idea” for its WWDC conference is.

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