Apple Wouldn't Help Our iPad Connect To Wi-Fi, But We Found A Solution

Will It Blend, iPad

Photo: Blendtec

A reader updates us on the on-going does-the-iPad-properly-connect-to-WiFi saga:Regarding the iPad’s wifi problems…we’re an all-Mac technology startup, we have 6 Macs connecting to an Apple Airport Extreme router.

The iPad could recognise the network, but could not connect.

After hours with customer service — who did not help at all — we simply changed the Airport Extreme’s administration password (but not the WPA security password), and the iPad connected fine.

Not sure if this is a universal fix, but if the iPad can’t work right out of the box in an all-Mac office (where every other Apple device connects via Wifi just fine out of the box), that’s a pretty lame software flaw on Apple’s part.

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