Here are the best pictures ever taken on an iPhone, according to Apple

Apple World GalleryJirasak Panpiansin/AppleA photo taken by Jirasak Panpiansin in Chaiyaphum Province, Thailand

Apple has launched a new ad campaign aimed at iPhone photography and says it has found the best photos taken on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

The campaign, called World Gallery, showcases work from around the world and will be featured in 85 cities across 26 countries, according to iMore.

The theme of this years selection is people, children, and men doing normal things. Apple has mixed together famous photographers with shots from every users.

Here are the best pictures, as chosen by Apple:


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Ashish Parmar/Apple
A photo taken by Ashish Parmar from Bangalore, India.
Dustin Cohen/Apple
A photo taken by Dustin Cohen from Brooklyn which shows New York in the background.
Chris Hamill/Apple
A photo taken by Chris Hamill in The Maldives.
Hollyn Baron/Apple
A photo of a baby taken by Hollyn Baron from Brooklyn, NY.
Jirasak Panpiansin/Apple
A photo taken by Jirasak Panpiansin in Chaiyaphum Province, Thailand.
Jake Debruyckere/Apple
A photo taken by Jake Debruyckere at Mt. Davidson, San Francisco.
Jirasak Panpiansin/Apple
A photo of a young girl and a dog taken by Jirasak Panpiansin in Chaiyaphum Province, Thailand.
Pierre Babin/Apple
A photo taken by Pierre Babin in Montreal, Canada.
Erin Brooks/Apple
A photo taken by Erin Brooks from Lakewood, Washington.
Melissa Casillas/Apple
A photo of a girl and a butterfly taken by Melissa Casillas from Querétaro, México.
Zak Noyle/Apple
A photo taken by Zak Noyle in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Kevin Mao/Apple
A photo taken by Kevin Mao from Shanghai, China.
Timothy Mulcare/Apple
A photo taken by Timothy Mulcare in North Salem, NY.
Cielo de la Paz/Apple
A photo taken by Cielo de la Paz in Livermore, CA.
Gianluca Colla/Apple
A photo taken by Gianluca Colla from Fully, Switzerland.
Christopher Anderson/Apple
A photo taken by Christopher Anderson in Brooklyn, NY.

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