We May Never Find Out How Many Watches Apple Sells

Tim cookAPApple CEO Tim Cook introducing the Apple Watch.

Apple announced during its earnings call Monday that it will change the way it reports product sales moving forward.

Instead of its own category, devices like Apple TV, iPods, and Apple Watch will be lumped together in one category. Apple will continue to report iPhone, iPad, and Mac sales separately.

That’s pretty shocking, especially because it means we may never know how many Apple Watches Apple ends up selling after the launch in early 2015.

The Apple Watch will be the first major Apple product to launch under CEO Tim Cook. In a way, it will be a test for whether or not Apple can make innovative new products people want to buy following the death of Steve Jobs.

But now, we may never know the answer to that critical question.

On a call with analysts, Cook said he doesn’t want to report Apple Watch sales because he doesn’t want rivals to see that data. It’s a similar strategy Amazon uses when it declines to give sales figures for Kindle tablets and readers.

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