Apple Will Use Lala To Overhaul iTunes

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Apple is preparing to recreate iTunes in the cloud, using recently acquired Lala as the cornerstone of a new strategy, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Lala allows people to buy and listen to music on the web from anywhere.

Though the plan is still in the early stages of development, Apple is thinking of using that model for a new form of iTunes.

Before the Lala deal even closed, both Bill Nguyen, chief of Lala, and Eddie Cue, VP Internet Services, were calling around to business partners and record labels to shore up contracts, the Journal reports.

The music industry might not be so willing to comply with Apple on this plan — at least at favourable pricing. Unlike a few years ago when iTunes was a welcome saviour to illegal downloads, many record labels probably think they can build their own streaming services and sell directly to consumers. As evidenced by today’s Vevo launch, it wants a more proactive role in its future.

Moving more heavily into the cloud with music is a logical move for Apple.

It is a mobile company, as evidenced by the iPhone, and the rumoured forthcoming tablet. If an iPhone, or tablet, is always connected to the web, there’s no reason iTunes customers shouldn’t be able to access their full library of songs where ever they go.

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