Apple will fix your busted or lost AirPods for $69

In September, when Apple launched AirPods, its new futuristic wireless earbuds, we asked: What happens when you lose one?

Now we know, thanks to a support document published by Apple on Thursday.

The AirPods come with a one-year warranty. But if they’re not under warranty, Apple will charge $69 for a replacement if it is broken or lost.

That should come as a relief to Apple fans who were worried that their $159 gadget would become useless if one part was lost.

The charging case can be replaced for $49 as well, according to Apple. These repairs can be done at an Apple Store, or Apple will charge $6.95 for shipping.

It’s worth pointing out that this replacement fee is nearly $70 — a higher percentage of the the device’s original price than replacing, say, an iPhone battery — and over twice the price of Apple’s standard, corded ‘pods. If you were to buy all of the parts separately, the total would be more than a brand new pair ($187 vs $159).

But for forgetful people who have already managed to order a pair of Apple’s next-generation headphones, it’s still a nice gesture from Apple.

Here’s the price chart:

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