Apple Will Be 'Lucky To Ship' The Apple Watch 'By Valentine's Day'

Apple watchAppleOne of the Apple Watches.

The Apple Watch is not coming any time soon, according Amir Efrati and Jessica Lessin at The Information, who report the following:

One person briefed by the Apple department involved in shipping the watch quipped that Apple would be “lucky to ship it by Valentine’s Day.” Apple has said only that the watch would ship in early 2015, and a spokeswoman did not comment for this article.

They also said that Apple had originally planned to have the Apple Watch ready to roll by the end of this year, but ran into problems. It seems there were issues with the software.

The Apple Watch is Apple’s first new product category under Tim Cook. It’s more important that he gets it right than he gets it out quickly.

Apple did this with the iPhone. When it announced the iPhone, it was basically held together with gum and scotch tape. But, six months later, Apple shipped it to customers.

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