Wow, It Looks Like Apple Ripped Off This Jailbreak Developer's WiFi Sync App

greg hughesGreg Hughes

Photo: The Telegraph

We can’t wait to use wireless syncing with our iDevices when iOS 5 comes out this fall. But how original is Apple’s implementation of this feature?According to Dan Goodin at The Register, it’s not original at all.

Goodin notes UK-based developer Greg Hughes created a similar app for wirelessly syncing an iDevice with iTunes libraries (he called it “WiFi Sync”) it was rejected from the App Store in May 2010.

Despite this, Apple mentioned they were impressed with his abilities and even asked for a resume. Hughes put his app on the Cydia jailbreak store and sold 50,000 copies at $10 each.

Fast forward to this week, where Apple announces its own officially-supported wireless syncing app (also called “WiFi Sync”).

The idea of syncing a smartphone over a wifi network is not a new one, but Apple used the same name and very similar logos. (In fairness to Apple, it has been using this general design for its syncing for a while.)

See below — Hughes’s logo is on the left, Apple’s is on the right:

wifi sync logos

Photo: The Register

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