My Apple Watch just arrived -- here's what it's like to take it out of the box

Apple Watches are starting to be delivered today for people around the world who ordered them. Initial orders for the device were online-only — you couldn’t walk into an Apple Store and buy one.

Here’s what it looks like to open up an Apple Watch box:

It arrives in a heavy, rectangular box. It doesn’t say Apple on the side.

But here’s a clue: It has the same neat tear-off strip as other Apple boxes.

Open the box up and you’ll see the white Apple Watch box. It’s hard to make out in this photo, but there’s a raised Apple Watch logo on the top.

You’re not done opening boxes yet. Inside the card white box is a heavy plastic box with the Watch inside. It feels suitably hefty.

And in there is your watch. Here’s mine: The 38mm white Apple Watch Sport:

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