It’s here! The first batch of Apple Watches are arriving to some lucky US customers on Friday.

My dad actually managed to get his blue Apple Watch Sport on launch day, and he took photos of it being unboxed for Business Insider. He’s a pretty great guy like that.

Here's the box the Apple Watch comes in. Pretty long and narrow.

My dad can be such a tease sometimes.

It's a box within a box! #boxception

Here's the box, out of the other box.

And here's that box from the side.

The lid is off!

And this little box -- inside the other two boxes -- contains the actual Apple Watch.

There it is: The Apple Watch Sport with the blue band.

Here's the back of the Apple Watch.

These transparent instructions are stuck to the back of the Apple Watch.

Here it is out of the box.

And here's the Apple Watch instruction manual. It tells you about glances and notifications, the digital crown, and how to charge the device.

The bottom half of the instruction manual shows how to fit the band on your wrist.

And here's the back of the instruction manual. You can learn more about all of Apple's first-party apps for the Watch, as well as how to access unique functions like Force Touch.

The Apple Watch box also comes with an extra band, for small- and medium-sized wrists.

And here are the charging cables, including the wall plug and the inductive charger.

Here's a closer look at that charging solution. It has magnets so it will automatically snap to the back of your Apple Watch, regardless of orientation. You'll need to charge the Apple Watch daily.

Now that you've seen what the Watch looks like, learn more about what it can do...

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