Showing Ads On The Apple Watch Would Be 'Absurd,' Says IOS Developer

The Apple Watch is probably coming in March, but we still don’t know whether Apple will serve ads on it or not.

One mobile ad exchange, TapSense, made a software development kit for companies that want to integrate hyper-local ads into their apps.

Since that announcement, TapSense backpedaled on its claim about serving ads on the Apple Watch.

There are plenty of reasons Apple might not have ads on the Apple Watch.

In particular, ads could really damage the user experience on the watch.

One iOS developer, who asked not to be named, told us that ads on the Apple Watch would be “absurd.”

“Why would you want your new, expensive, potentially category-defining device be perceived as a cheap screen to display attention-grabbing ads?” said our source.

Right now, Apple has a rule that mobile apps can’t use push notifications, like those you might see on the Apple Watch, to sell ads.

However, as developer Marco Arment points out, that rule gets broken all the time. So it’s possible we could see ads on the Apple Watch anyway.

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