The new Apple Watch has a cellular connection, but you'll only get 1 hour of talk time unless you keep your iPhone nearby

Apple Watch Series 3Justin Sullivan/GettyThe new Apple Watch Series 3 comes in two styles: One with a cellular connection and one without.

Apple introduced its third generation Apple Watch on Tuesday, and this one has a major upgrade: A cellular connection.

But the new technology will have a major effect on battery life.

Apple shared some information about the new watch’s battery life on its website, which was first spotted by 9to5Mac.

While Apple says the watch can get up to 18 hours of better life, that number is pared down drastically when you factor in LTE and GPS.

While the big perk of the new watch is being able to make calls without your phone nearby (you’ll still need an iPhone to set up the Apple Watch), you’ll only get one hour of talk time when connected to LTE . If you have your iPhone with you, that jumps to three hours of talk time.

While working out outside, you’ll get four hours of battery if you have both LTE and GPS enabled, although switching off LTE will give you an extra hour.

You should get about 10 hours of audio playback with the Series 3, which is almost twice what you get with the Series 1, which Apple is still selling. The series 1 only gets 6.5 hours.

It’s important to note that with the launch of the Series 3, Apple has apparently discontinued the Apple Watch Series 2, which arrived last year. The Watch is no longer available to buy on Apple’s website and Apple no longer lists its battery information.

Not to fear, though: Apple made two versions of the Series 3 — one that has a cellular connection and one that doesn’t. From all outward appearances, the Series 3 without a cellular connection is identical to the Series 2. Both versions of the Series 3 have GPS.

The Apple Watch Series 3 will be available to order on Friday and will start at $US329 — the watch with cellular will cost $US399. It will be available a week later, on September 22.

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