The Apple Watch is basically indestructible

Remember those rumours that said last year’s iPhone 6 would release with a sapphire screen? Well, that didn’t happen, but the Apple Watch hitting shelves this month actually does have a sapphire display for ultra scratch-resistance. (The Apple Watch Sport, however, comes with an Ion-X glass screen instead of sapphire as it’s less shatter-proof.)

British iPhone repair company iPhonefixed got a hold of an Apple Watch, tore off its sapphire screen, and applied a brutal, albeit primitive scratch test.

And boy, does the sapphire stand up to the challenge.

Here’s the Apple Watch screen getting scratched against a stone wall:

Here it is taking on a coin:

Versus keys:

Versus abrasive sandpaper:

Versus a HAMMER:

And finally, the Apple Watch screen takes on a POWER DRILL:

As you can see, none of these items left the Apple Watch screen with any nicks, scratches, cracks, or dents. That’s because sapphire is the second hardest material in the world next to diamond, meaning only sapphire or diamond (according to the Mohs scale) are the only two elements that can damage or erode this display.

The Apple Watch goes on sale April 24, with pre-orders going live Friday.

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