One chart shows there's still hope for the Apple Watch, despite critical reviews and lack of interest

Here’s a reason to be optimistic about the Apple Watch: Even though sales appear to be tanking and critics (myself included) have been heavily critical of the device since its late April launch, a new report from Wristly, a research firm dedicated to wrist-based devices, suggests that most people really enjoy, if not love, the Apple Watch.

In fact, according to Wristly’s survey data of over 800 people, customer satisfaction of the Apple Watch reached 97% — 66% of people said they were “very satisfied/delighted,” while 31% said they were “somewhat satisfied.”

That 97% customer satisfaction rating for the first-generation Apple Watch is higher than the customer satisfaction levels of the original iPhone and iPad — which achieved 92% and 91% customer satisfaction ratings, respectively — according to data from survey research group ChangeWave Research.

Also, this survey data suggests Apple nailed the pricing for the Watch: 87% of customers thought the Apple Watch had a good value, with 73% of respondents saying it’s “worth what it costs” while 14% of customers said it was “worth more than what it costs.”

Though many people admire the Apple Watch’s attractive hardware and user-friendly interface, there’s clearly room for improvement. Critics have noted that notifications can be a bit annoying, third-party apps are painfully slow right now, and its ability as a fitness tracker is limited. Wristly’s survey data matches these findings: customers were most critical of the Apple Watch’s performance in terms of speed and battery life.

We’ll learn more about the Apple Watch when Apple reports its June quarter earnings on Tuesday afternoon. This will be the first time Apple includes sales figures for the Apple Watch: they will be lumped into “other products,” which achieved $US1.7 billion in revenue in the previous quarter.

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