Apple supposedly assumes most customers have 'already decided they want an Apple Watch'

It seems as though Apple assumes its customers already know they want an Apple Watch.

The company has reportedly shared its retail strategy for the Apple Watch with Apple Store employees, according to 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman, who says he’s obtained a copy of the guidelines Apple is giving to its retail workers.

Buried within the company’s prep materials for the Apple Watch, Apple writes that “many customers have already decided they want an Apple Watch.”

Apple is urging employees to steer clear if pushing a hard sales pitch on Apple Watch customers. Instead, Apple is advising workers to ask customers about what interests them most about the Apple Watch so they can make recommendations about certain models and sizes.

Apple is also using the Apple Watch as an opportunity to sell more iPhones, according to the materials published by Gurman shown below.

This isn’t the first time Apple has expressed confidence in its watch, even though smartwatches in general haven’t really taken off just yet. When speaking at the Goldman Sachs conference last month, CEO Tim Cook likened the Apple Watch to the iPod and iPad, saying that although tablets and MP3 players existed beforehand, none of them were very easy to use. He implied that the Apple Watch will be the only smartwatch people will actually care about.

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