The Real Reason You'll Want An Apple Watch: Your Health Insurance Will Go Down

Last week, we attended WSJD Live, a tech conference out in Southern California.

We bumped into a venture capitalist investing lots of money into startups in the healthcare space.

We asked her what the coolest healthcare application for the Apple Watch will be.

Her answer: apps that connect your body to your health insurance company.

She offered, as an example, the car insurance industry. Right now insurance companies offer gadgets that you install in your car. These monitor how you drive — whether you stay inside the speed limit, brake too much, and generally obey traffic laws.

If you’re a safe driver, insurance companies will cut the rates you pay on car insurance.

The same thing will happen for Apple Watch, this startup investor predicts. Apple Watch applications will monitor how you sleep, how much you exercise, and what you eat. If you follow certainly guidelines, your health insurance premiums will go down.

No doubt some people will find this idea very creepy.

Some of us will be glad to pay less to Aetna every two weeks — over longer lives.

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