7 huge questions we still have about the Apple Watch

Apple Watch stand ringAppleThe Apple Watch.

Apple will host an event on March 9 to give the world the final details on the Apple Watch, which will launch the following month.

We got a good first look at the Apple Watch in September when it was first introduced along with the iPhone 6, but a lot of questions remain.

Here’s what Apple needs to tell us about the Apple Watch on March 9:

1. What will the battery life be?

So far, Apple has only said you’ll need to charge the Apple Watch every night, which doesn’t make it seem like the company is too confident about the device’s battery life. According to Brian X. Chen of The New York Times, the Apple Watch will have a power-saving mode that only displays the time.

2. How much will the high-end models cost?

The cheapest Apple Watch, the Sport model, will cost $US349. But there are two other models of the Apple Watch: The “regular” Apple Watch made of stainless steel and the Apple Watch Edition made of 18-karat gold. Some have speculated the Edition could cost anywhere between $US5,000 and $US10,000. The steel Apple Watch could cost a few hundred bucks more than the $US349 Sport.

So Apple will have to detail exactly how much the high-end models will cost.

3. How much will the various wristbands cost?

Apple won’t let you use standard watch wristbands on the Apple Watch, but you can easily swap them out with another Apple-made band. The company will need to detail how much the various band styles cost and how it will affect the price of the watch when you buy them together.

4. What apps will be available at launch?

Apple showed off a few third-party Apple Watch apps in September from companies like United Airlines, BMW, and Starwood hotels, but a lot of developers have been mostly silent about their plans for the device. Apple usually works closely with key developers before a new gadget launch, so expect to see new apps at the March 9 event.

5. Where can you buy it besides the Apple Store?

The Apple Watch isn’t your typical Apple product. Customers will need to try it on, test out new bands, and likely ask salespeople a lot of questions. Besides the Apple Store, we don’t know where the company will sell the Apple Watch, although there has been some speculation that it will be sold at high-end fashion shops.

6. How water resistant will it be?

Last week, there were some mushy reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook told retail employees in Berlin that he showers with his Apple Watch on. That caused a lot of speculation about how water resistant the device will be. Can you swim with it? Bathe with it? And if so, how long can it remain submerged?

It’s more likely the Apple Watch will only be resistant to a small amount of water. You’ll probably be fine washing your hands, washing the dishes, and sweating, but not much else.

7. What other features are there?

During the September event, Cook told the world that the Apple Watch can do a lot more than what the company showed on stage that day. For example, Cook said the watch could control the Apple TV. Apple will have to go over a bunch of the other features on March 9.

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