Apple is shipping the Apple Watch to developers by April 28, even though some customers have to wait for weeks

The Apple Watch is way backordered, and even some of those who preordered on day one won’t get their watches until later this summer.

But if you’re a registered Apple developer waiting and waiting for your watch to ship, there’s a glimmer of hope: Apple is offering some developers the chance to buy one Apple Watch Sport with a blue band and aluminium case that’s guaranteed to ship by April 28th — a mere four days after the first shipments begin to arrive.

The news comes via an email, which developers began receiving and posting on Twitter on Tuesday:

Note that the developers are chosen randomly, likely in the interest of fairness.

Apple obviously wants a lot of Apple Watch apps on the store as soon as possible, and for that to happen, it needs to make sure that developers can skip the long line.

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