Apple Watch preorders that were pushed back to June will 'most likely ship sooner,' says Apple

The Apple Watch will likely ship sooner than June despite the fact that some models have been back ordered until then, according to a new report from MacRumors.

A MacRumors reader named Andrew Turko sent an email to Apple CEO Tim Cook over the weekend, and the Apple executive team reportedly responded saying that June preorders will most likely ship sooner.

The company didn’t make any guarantees, however.

The email also mentioned that Apple is looking at the launch date with “great concern,” since it wants to ensure that there are models stocked in store for that day.

Apple is estimated to have sold one million Apple Watch units through preorders, according to research company Slice Intelligence. Most buyers went for the low-end Sports model, the research firm says, with the black band being the most popular.

Apple sold out of all models just six hours after preorders kicked off, and some analysts estimate that certain models may have sold out in just 10 minutes.

The Apple Watch officially launches on April 24.

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