People report sleeping with their Apple Watches even though it can’t track sleep

People love the Apple Watch — so much so that some owners report sleeping with the device, despite the fact that it can’t measure or monitor any sort of sleep activity.

That’s according to Wristly, a research firm dedicated to wrist-based devices. The company released a survey in July, which revealed a 97% approval rating among owners, and just released new survey data on Tuesday.

The new Wristly report included a larger pool of Apple Watch owners (1,500 versus 800 from the prior report), which showed 96% of people are satisfied with their device (67% were “very satisfied,” 29% were “somewhat satisfied”).

Though Apple still hasn’t reported sales of the Apple Watch, the company should be encouraged by this statistic: 79% of owners report wearing it “all day from when I wake up until I go to sleep,” and 11% even report wearing it “all the time including when I sleep.”

Most owners that reported wearing the Apple Watch while sleeping said they use the device’s Taptic Engine as a wake up alarm — the Apple Watch can vibrate softly on your wrist to wake you up, so as not to disturb your partners or roommates.

Sleep tracking was rumoured to be one of the health-related features originally planned for the first Apple Watch, but the Wall Street Journal earlier this year reported Apple was forced to cut many sensors for health monitoring due to consistency issues. That said, sleep tracking is among the top most-wanted features for the second-generation Apple Watch.

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