The Apple Watch hasn't even launched yet, but shipments may already be delayed

Some Apple Watch orders may be pushed back by four to six weeks at launch, according to a report from German blog (via 9to5Mac).

The blog noticed that the shipping dates for various Apple Watch models had accidentally leaked on Apple’s German and United Kingdom online stores.

At the time of writing, that information is no longer available on either website.

A few models, such as the Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch with Classic Leather strap, Apple Watch with Milanese Loop, and Apple Watch with the Sport Armband, might ship between April 24 and May 8, according to the blog.

But other variations, such as the Apple Watch with a Modern Leather strap and the Apple Watch with a Link bracelet may be pushed back by four to six weeks after launch. The Apple Watch Edition might not ship until May, as the German blog says.

It’s unclear whether or not’s report is legitimate. But it’s not uncommon to see Apple face supply constraints after releasing new anticipated products. The iPhone 6 Plus was very difficult to find following its launch, and blog 9to5Mac previously reported that the rose gold Apple Watch Edition may be available in limited quantities initially.

We’ll know more later this month when the Apple Watch actually launches on April 24.

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