It sounds like Apple has a brilliant approach to how notifications work on the Apple Watch

Apple Watch facebook notificationAppleA Facebook notification on the Apple Watch

One of the most convenient use cases for a smartwatch is a seemingly obvious one — receiving notifications on your wrist.

Apple, however, sounds like it’s approaching notifications differently than most smartwatch makers.

The Apple Watch will only show notifications when you’re actually wearing the watch on your wrist, according to TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino.

Here’s exactly how he describes the Apple Watch’s notifications system, citing “several sources that have spent extended time with it.”

Here’s a tidbit you might not know — in order to receive notifications from apps, the Watch must be on your wrist and locked. The Watch requires contact with your skin to receive notifications. There will be no in-app dropdown notifications or constant pinging while it’s off your wrist. Push notifications also cease when the battery reaches 10 per cent. Those decisions speak to the care with which Apple is handling notifications.

It sounds like Apple is considering how notifications will be perceived differently on your wrist rather than on your phone, based on Panzarino’s report. It could also prevent notifications from draining the watch’s battery life too, since it won’t receive notifications unless it’s on your wrist.

Apple’s approach, if true, is incredibly smart — if the watch isn’t on your wrist, it’s obviously not in use, and you won’t have to deal with your watch constantly lighting up or buzzing while its resting on your nightstand or desk.

While you can turn notifications off on other watches, we have yet to see a smartwatch that automatically shuts them down when you take the device off your wrist.

Panzarino’s report comes just as 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman also published a lengthy post about the Apple Watch and all of its features. We expect to know more on Monday when Apple holds its big event.

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