You may be able to build your Apple Watch online and try it on in-store before you buy it

Apple plans to roll out a new pre-order method just for the Apple Watch, according to blog 9to5Mac.

The new system would allow buyers to reserve a casing and band online and try it on in-store before purchasing.

This is different than the Personal Pickup system Apple currently offers, which lets you buy your iPhone online and pick it up at an Apple Store in person.

With Apple’s new Reserve and Pickup system for the watch, you can simply choose the style you want on Apple’s website before completing your purchase.

Apple is calling the two-week block between when preorders start and when the watch actually launches as the Preview period, according to 9to5Mac. Apple Store customers will be able to try on various watches in-store during this time.

The company could also allow customers to make appointments specifically to try on different watches, as The Wall Street Journal reported just before Apple’s event on Monday.

There’s been speculation as to how Apple would sell its watches in store, since the experience of buying a watch is much different than that of purchasing a new phone or computer. It’s not just about getting a feel for the device and learning about what it does — with a watch, you need to try on different bands, styles, and sizes to see which one looks and feels the best on your wrist.

We’ll know for sure on April 10, which is when the Apple Watch will be available for preorder. You can buy it starting April 24.

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