HANDS-ON PHOTOS: The New Apple Watch

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Apple’s first new product since the iPad is the Apple Watch.

It’s a wearable computer that connects to your iPhone. Apple announced the watch along with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but it won’t go on sale until early 2015.

We spent some time with an early version of the Apple Watch. Check it out, but keep in mind all the features aren’t ready yet.

Apple is marketing the Apple Watch as a fashion accessory.

It's also packed with fitness-tracking features.

The Apple Watch will come in several variations. You can also swap out the bands.

Here are some leather bands.

And metal bands.

It charges using this magnetic dongle on the back. Apple hasn't said how long the battery lasts on a charge.

This is the 'sport' version of the Apple Watch. It was deceptively light, but still pretty big and thick.

The sport band was comfy.

This is the home screen for all your apps.

You use the dial on the side to zoom in and out of your home screen app icons.

Apple Maps are built in so you can get directions on your wrist.

There are several different watch faces.

Mickey Mouse!

This watch face lets you add widgets like calendar notifications.

It also has an app that helps you connect with other friends who own an Apple Watch.

Pick a friend...

And you can send him or her doodles you draw.

It's a cute way to communicate.

Pressing with two fingers lets you share your pulse with a friends. Your friend's Apple Watch will vibrate in sync with your heartbeat. Kind of creepy!

There's also a fitness-tracking app. It tracks your steps, heart rate, and how often you stand up during the day.

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