The most exciting things you'll be able to do with the Apple Watch

Tim Cook introduces Apple WatchAPApple CEO Tim Cook at the Apple Watch unveiling.

The first reviews for the Apple Watch came out Wednesday.

The general consensus is that most people shouldn’t buy the watch in its current form, even though it can do a lot of cool stuff.

Here’s a look at the most important features in the Apple Watch.

The most important thing: The Apple Watch is a watch first and foremost. You can choose from a bunch of different watch faces.

Fitness is a big part of the Apple Watch. It can read your heart rate from those four sensors on the back of the device.

The fitness app will encourage you to meet certain goals in different categories like exercising and standing.

For example, the watch will remind you to stand and move around if you've been sitting too long.

You can also keep track of how many calories you've burned.

The watch shows you a ring that closes up as you get closer to your daily goals. Close all the rings and you've won the day.

The fitness tracker also syncs with an app on your iPhone so you can get a deeper look at your stats.

This is the home screen. It stores all your apps. You can pan around by swiping the screen to see more apps.

See that dial? That's the digital crown. You rotate it to navigate through the Apple Watch software. Pressing it brings you back to the home screen.

You can view incoming text messages on your wrist.

And you can reply to texts with canned responses.

Apple also created a new set of animated emoji that you can send instead of text.

Maps work on Apple Watch too.

You can get walking directions on your wrist. The watch will lightly vibrate when you have to make a turn.

If you press the button below the digital crown, you can view your contacts. Tap a contact to communicate.

One way you can chat with your friends is by drawing doodles that appear on their watch too. It's cute!

You can also share your heartbeat. Your friend's watch will vibrate in sync with your heartbeat.

You can also accept calls and talk to people through the watch.

Siri works too. Just ask a question into your watch like you would on your iPhone.

You can view photos stored in your iPhone.

Third-party apps can display notifications on your watch. It's up to you to choose which ones show up.

Developers can also write apps for the watch. For example, BMW is making an app that gives you stats on your car.

Third-party apps will be able to show glances of relevant information on your wrist. For example, you can get a notification when your flight is about to board.

A lot of functions on the watch will be controlled from a companion app on your iPhone.

You'll be able to make payments with Apple Pay. Just tap your watch against one of those NFC payment pads.

The Apple Watch will come in two sizes, in case you have a tiny wrist.

The watch charges with this magnetic charger. Apple says you'll have to charge it every night.

You can swap out the bands. Apple is making a bunch of different styles. Third parties will likely make bands after the Apple Watch launches.

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